This is arguably one of the most beloved sci-fi models of all time. The NCC-1701-A Enterprise. This ship made its first appearance in the movie Star Trek The Voyage Home. Throughout her career commanded by Capt. Kirk she quickly gained a reputation of toughness and reliability and now she can be yours. This model is the 1/350 scale Enterprise made by Polar Lights. This model has been modified to accept a custom lighting array. The lighting array allows the model to have fully functioning navigational lights, lit up shuttles and shuttle bay, running strip inside the shuttle bay, lit up registry, full foliage and lit up arboretum, fully lit officers lounge, and fully lit up engines and deflector dish that cycle through impulse and warp modes. This model can be designed to look however you may want. She would be the crown jewel of anyone’s collection. This is a custom version which has aspects of the Refit and A in one ship. She has the Refit paint scheme which has the green pylons, strongback, and deflector housing. She also has the Refit violet color engines, deflector dish, and crystal. She has the A registration numbers and the A shuttle bay which is shown in Star Trek V the Final Frontier. What makes this version truly amazing is the hand painted 5 color pearlescent aztecing which covers the entire ship. She truly is a beautiful version.

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