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This listing is for a complete 1/350 USS Reliant model kit. The kit includes the main body, nacelles, pylons, roll bar and torpedo housing. The model body and nacelles are made out of translucent fiberglass to make window lighting and Raytheon lighting easy. Extra care was taken to make sure all detail is captured in the cast. The pylons, roll bar and torpedo housing are made from an extra light urethane resin to reduce weight. The torpedo housing comes in 2 pieces to make lighting easier. The roll bars and pylons have 1/8” x 1/4” brass rods through them which allows up to 8 24-gauge wires through them. The model also comes with a decal sheet with all markings and registration numbers for the USS Reliant. All window and RCS thruster locations were cast into the model to make lighting and gap filling easier. You can also add 1 or 2 shuttle bays to this model. See photos for more details. This model is the same scale as the Polar Lights 1/350 Enterprise Refit. If you have any questions feel free to contact us at

All Reliant Model Kits are made to order and require a 2 week prep time before shipping.

Marshall Models also provides building services.

Material: Fiberglass/urethane
Color: Translucent White

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