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The Aramis Mark VII is from the iconic comic book series Black Alpha. The comic book was created, written and illustrated by Tom Rasch who has worked in the comic book, movie, tv and entertainment industry for decades.

The Aramis is the first ship brought from the comic book to real life. The ship is comprised of 3D printed and Resin casted parts. The parts are printed on an Elegoo Saturn 2 8K printer. This allows for precise and highly detailed parts. The resin parts are casted in clear to allow for lighting if desired. There will also be a basic decal sheet included with markings and the name. When finished the kit will measure a whopping 12" long. This kit also comes with decals and a special insert card made by Tom Rasch himself.

This will hopefully be the first of many ships from Black Alpha to be brought to life.


Please allow 2 weeks for the kit to be made.



  • Material: 3D prints

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