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For sale is Marshall Models newest model, the 1/537 USS Enterprise-B. This model is designed to complement AMT's 1/537 USS Enterprise. This model is made from Fiberglass, Pressure Casted Urethane, and 8K 3D Printed Parts. Several detail parts of this model, Shuttle Bay, Mega Phaser’s, After Torpedo Launchers, were designed using actually ILM production photos of the parts, as well as the parts that were used to make them. The Nacelles are Pressure Casted in a translucent resin to allow lighting if desired. The pylons, and nacelles are made from a high strength and dense resin. Which will prevent drooping over time. Resin channels and bolts were casted into the pylons to make lighting and mounting easier. This model comes with a full sheet of silk screened waterslide decals printed by microscale. A rare feature in the garage kit realm.

She is a beautiful ship and would be a great addition to your collection.

Marshall Models also provides building services.

Material: Fiberglass/urethane/3D Parts
Color: Opaque/Translucent

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